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I have always had a big imagination ever since I was a kid. My parents let me experience and explore.
They enrolled me into the School of Arts where I studied music, dance and fine art.
Believe me, you don’t want to know how my music and dance lessons went…
but I was a child who drew on every surface, every wall a pencil could handle.

I started Fine Art School when I was six yeard old which led me to University. Studying painting,
drawing and the foundation of photography. Staying after classes developing films in a darkroom
and the creative freedom – it’s everything I loved and everything I adore today.

I love being a wedding photographer, capturing the beauty of love, friendship and individuals.

There is something different about every wedding, but one thing they have in common –
everyone wants it to be perfect – and so do I.

The best thing you can do is to be present, enjoy the moment and try to feel every second
of that gorgeous day that is all about you. The best thing I can do is to record your memories,
every little detail, so you can look back and feel it all over again.

Let’s make it unstressful, feel the love, see the tears of joy, dance and laugh.
It is your story.

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